We're looking for the earth's greatest self-guided adventures. Tell us about yours. If we like them we'll add them to the game, and you will receive the relevant game points. You will also receive additional points every time another Adventure Junky check-ins to your adventure. Adding your adventures - past and present - to the game is best way to earn points, move up the leaderboard and get the #1 position.

You can add your adventures directly via the Adventure Junky App, or you can do it here with our desktop version. The desktop version has been created to streamline the process and get you out back adventuring ASAP. Keep in mind this page is designed for the addition of Self-Guided adventures only - adventures that you have personally completed of your own accord, and can verify you have. You must have downloaded the Adventure Junky App and logged in at least once before using this page. Use the same login details to access this page.